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The P. Lal transcreation of the complete epic text in 18 volumes comprising the 18 parvas of the maha-kavya — a limited hardback edition.

The sloka-by-sloka transcreation of Vyasa’s epic by P. Lal was completely revised for his reading sessions of the entire maha-kavya in Kolkata. The weekly Sunday readings began in 1999 and continued till 2009. After he passed away in 2010, we requested Dr Pradip Bhattacharya to complete the transcreation project P. Lal had started. The following volumes (17 by Professor P. Lal and 1 by Dr Bhattacharya) are available:

The Adi Parva (Vol-1): pages:1232 Rs 2000
The Sabha Parva (Vol-2): pages:520 Rs 600
The Vana Parva (Vol-3): pages:1572 Rs 2000
The Virata Parva (Vol-4): pages:416 Rs 400
The Udyoga Parva (Vol-5): pages:976 Rs 1000
The Bhisma Parva (Vol-6): pages:928 Rs 1000
The Drona Parva (Vol-7): pages:1536 Rs 1200
The Karna Parva (Vol-8): pages:1036 Rs 1000
The Salya Parva (Vol-9) pages:700 Rs.1000
The Sauptika Parva (Vol-10): pages:176 Rs 200
The Stri Parva (Vol-11): pages:176 Rs 200
The Santi Parva – Part 1 (Vol-12): pages:1016 Rs 2000
The Santi Parva – Part 2 (Vol-12): pages:1112 Rs 2000
The Asvamedhika Parva (Vol-14): pages:444 Rs 300
The Asramavasika Parva (Vol-15): pages:172 Rs 150
The Mausala Parva (Vol-16): pages:64 Rs 150
buy viagra in mumbaiThe Mahaprasthanika Parva (Vol-17): pages:36 Rs 150
The Svargarohana Parva (Vol-18): pages:80 Rs 150

Each volume transcreated by P. Lal was also brought out in a special edition limited to 50 copies and signed by him. Please contact us for the prices of volumes in this edition; some volumes are now out of print.

338 fascicules of the transcreation, which included prefaces and notes, were available earlier at Rs 100 each. These have now been discontinued.

Dipika Mukherjee on Writers Workshop:

Dipika Mukherjee on Writers Workshop

Reshma Aquil’s poetry:

Reshma Aquil’s poetry

An article on Professor P. Lal and Writers Workshop in The Telegraph, India:

An article on Professor P. Lal and Writers Workshop in The Telegraph, India

‘I Am’ by Reshma A receives Runner Up prize at the Muse India – Satish Verma Young Writer Awards, 2016

We are happy to share that Reshma A’s I Am, published by us in 2015, has been awarded the Runner Up prize for poetry at the Muse India – Satish Verma Young Writer Awards, 2016. We take this opportunity to congratulate all the writers who submitted books for consideration, and thank Muse India for encouraging young poets through this annual initiative.


Transcreation of Part 2 of The Santi Parva Completed (Posted on 2015/3/25)

We are delighted to share that Dr Bhattacharya has completed transcreating the Mokshadharma Parva – the second part of The Santi Parva. He has been working on it intensively since 2011 and words are not enough for us to express our appreciation and gratitude to him for continuing what Professor P. Lal had started. Dr Bhattacharya’s transcreation includes material not found in the Poona Critical Edition and the Gita Press edition, but available in the Haridas Siddhantavagish edition.

The book is in press now and it should be out towards the end of this year. Which also means only The Anushasana Parva (even though this volume too is massive in size) will be left!

Dr. Pradip Bhattacharya

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